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Family Portraits

The most fundamental story we have in our life is the story of our family. It defines our habits, morality and values. Our grandparents used to tell us tales about their childhood. Our parents showed us a couple of black-and-white, faded photos. Imprints on the past. Today we have the means, the opportunity to immortalize reality, to leave memories of the past behind - for ourselves and our children.

Kiss Family
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Documentary Family Portrait is a professional multi-media genre which takes a step away from the artificial world of studio photography by focusing on reality itself. The reality of one of your ordinary and yet a unique day. It tells your story, the memory of how it was getting ready for the day in the morning, the chaos of rushing to school, the moment when daddy arrives home from work, the lullaby before bedtime – makes you almost feel the smell of the cake you have baked together, or remember the sock you found under a pile of toys after you had been done washing.

How are family portraits made

These behind-the-scene photos were taken while shooting a family portrait (thanks Annamarie!). As you can see, I work with just a small set of equipment since I find it crucial not to be intrusive and be out of your way. The best result presumes that you are doing everything as you usually do, the same way you do on any other days when I’m not around. I'll be there with you all day and invite you to be part of the art process, the game of creating a memory worth remembering together.

The still and motion picture material will be ready for you within 30 days of the photo shoot. I’ll spend this time on post-processing the raw material, which is almost as important as the photo shoot itself. I’ll assort the most typical moments, nice gestures and compose them into a story that makes you remember of how things were. This process involves choosing background music, editing and coloring to ensure you receive the quality result you will be happy to watch.